Team Building Seminars

These are just a few of our seminars. They are great for entertaining clients and corporate guests, wine club events or any other social gathering. Each seminar runs roughly one hour but can be lengthened or shortened, depending on time allowances or the number of participants. Seminars can be stand alone or combined. We also offer customization of our programs to ensure that your event is a success.


A Sense of Wine - Black Glass SeminarColor Blind With Wine – Black Glass Tasting!

A fun and unique wine activity that lets you try to determine a wine’s color without seeing it- what can your nose and mouth reveal to you that your eyes don’t…if you can’t see the color, can you even tell if it’s red or white? The answer might surprise you! Using only your sense of smell and taste, figure out what’s in your black glass. Five points for you if you guess the color, 20 points more if you guess the varietal.

blending seminarCreating the Perfect Blend Wine Blending experience

What’s better than an exceptional bottle of wine?  One that you blend yourself of course! Teams blend and create their own wine, name their winery and judge the final blends. Cheers to the best blend!

Is That Apple I Smell? – Aroma Identification

Wine geeks might endlessly debate whether an aroma is dark chocolate or cocoa. While you may not have to distinguish a particular type of chocolate, you can sharpen your identification skills and have fun learning to pick out common wine aromas through this challenging game. A VERY popular seminar-this can be done as a team competition and is also great for large groups

Sample Aroma Reception Video

A Sense of Wine - Corporate Wine ReceptionGlobal Wine Welcome – Reception or formal tasting

Certain wine regions produce particular styles and varietals of wine. Experience wines from around the world, or different appellations, and figure out what’s in your glass. We provide the clues. This is an interactive activity that gives you a chance to mingle and learn about interesting wine regions. This can also be adapted to a specific wineries wines, as well as specific regions or appellations.

Revealing Tastes Through Tea – Acid / Sweet / Tannin Sensations

Unravel the secrets of balance and body. In wine, tastes refer to the amount of acid, sweetness, and tannin. Using tea, learn to individually identify these elements and their importance to the body and balance of wine. Great for all wine levels, fun for team building. Even if some of the participants don’t drink wine, they will still and have fun and learn because part of this seminar is conducted using tea!

Sparkle, Sparkle – All About Champagne

Champagne is the drink of celebrations around the world -and with good reason. Discover champagne’s variety, its food-friendly nature, and of course, the bubbles!